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The Exclusive Source of Information on Manufactured Fibers

Since 1935, the Fiber Economics Bureau has been the only source of direct statistics on the United States manufactured fiber industry and its products — acrylic, nylon, polyester, olefin, rayon, glass fiber, and others. Our long-established contacts with fiber producers and our confidential handling of proprietary data has earned us respect and cooperation from manufactured fiber producers around the world.

Our two monthly publications, the Fiber Organon and the Manufactured Fiber Review, present the latest information on industry trends in easy-to-read tables and charts. This data on production, shipments, capacities, stocks, imports-exports, mill use and other key industry statistics is made available 15 to 30 days after the close of each month.

Our premier data service is the Manufactured Fiber Handbook. It is distributed in page-by-page updates in a loose-leaf binder format designed for those who need the most timely, comprehensive, and in-depth data on the industry. The service includes details on primary and secondary end use shipments. Special data compilations are available for subscribers covering years prior to the start of new subscriptions.

Our annual World Directory of Manufactured Fiber Producers is the only directory with global coverage. It contains over 1,500 fiber producer listings in 72 countries. For each producer we provide details on addresses, telephone/fax numbers, plant locations, products produced, and trade names.

Data Services for your Industry
Take advantage of our reputation for accuracy and confidentiality. We conduct tracking surveys for related industries. You can put the “FEB” expertise to use for you and your industry. Call us to discuss your needs.

For information on our publications or special survey services, please contact:

Fiber Economics Bureau
3033 Wilson Blvd. - Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201

Telephone: 703-875-0676 Fax: 703-875-0675 E-mail:

The Fiber Economics Bureau is a division of the American Fiber Manufacturers Association.


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